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5 Affordable Health Insurance Options in Abu Dhabi

Insurance companies in Abu Dhabi offer Affordable health insurance plans for expats looking for healthcare coverage without straining their pockets. Numerous health insurance plans are available in Abu Dhabi with different standards of coverage, typically insurance plans in Abu Dhai can cover hospitalization costs, doctor consultations, emergency care, medication, and some diagnostic services. Usually, Dental, Aesthetic Treatments and complex diagnostic tests such as MRI or CT Scans are not covered in affordable plans.

Abu Dhabi’s top Health insurance companies such as Daman or NAS Insurance have a large network of healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics, even outside UAE you will find coverage for your treatments, but affordable plans of these companies will not provide coverage with a large network, only limited list of hospitals are added in budgetary labeled plans. You can expect some service degrading in affordable plans.

Health Insurance providers in Abu Dhabi try to keep the premium affordable, especially for low-salaried expats living in Abu Dhabi, many of these plans are on sharing basis, policyholders were required to share the cost through co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance. This makes health insurance coverage more accessible to a large population and helps them in managing healthcare expenses.

There are some additional benefits with cheap packages but with a reduced share of the hospital network, you can contact your health insurance provider and ask which package has more network of hospitals and clinics so that you can enjoy more benefits.

To get eligible for an affordable health insurance plan you must be an employee of a registered company many factors are considered before giving an insurance plan to any individual who living in UAE without any job. UAE citizens can easily get any policy without worrying about any factor.

Below are some of the top health insurance companies compared affordable health insurance plans to find the best option according to the client’s budget. You must consider factors such as coverage limits, network providers, premiums, and package benefits. For the best advice must contact your local health insurance consultant professionals.

ADNIC Health Insurance

Residents of Abu Dhabi usually call ADNIC(Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company) simply Abu Dhabi Insurance.  Started its operations in Abu Dhabi in 1972, and soon become one of the most prominent insurance providers in the UAE and MENA Region. ADNIC offers insurance products to both commercial and individual clients. In this article, we will learn about their most affordable plans with various features and benefits.

ADNIC basic medical insurance plan offers a wide range of coverage at the lowest cost, providing peace of mind to policyholders as well as employers and large-scale companies. Enjoy coverage for expenses related to medical treatment, consultation, medications, pregnancy, maternity, and diagnosis.

ADNIC  Health Insurance Plans

There are four types of Plans or Tiers offered by ADNIC Health Insurance.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Premium

ADNIC Bronze Plan(Cheapest)

The most affordable plan of ADNIC is Bronze Tier Plan. The bronze has 4 tiers in the network.

  • Bronze Shifa Tier 1
  • Bronze Shifa Tier 2
  • Bronze Shifa Tier 3
  • Bronze Shifa Tier 4

Each Tier has a specific number of Hospital Networks. Tier 1 has the highest number of hospitals covered within the UAE.

Benefits of the Bronze Plan

Adnic Bronze Plan has a yearly limit of AED 250000

Benefits Coverage
Pre Existing Condition Covered
Chronic Conditions Covered
Optical Care Not Covered
Semi-Private Room Covered
Routine Dental Care Not Covered
Ambulance Covered
Congenital Diseases and Birth Defects Covered
Work-Related Medical Checkups Covered
Maternity Benefits Covered
Vaccination as per Ministry of Health Guidelines Covered
Annual Screening Covered 700AED

Orient Insurance

Orient Insurance Company is the market leader in Insurance related products in UAE. The company is a part of the Al-Futtaim Group one of Dubai’s largest conglomerate consisting of 200 companies and 33,000 employees based in Dubai. Orient Insurance Company commenced operation in the insurance field of UAE in 1982. The dedication and hardworking workforce expand the company to each corner of UAE and has paid up capital of AED 500 Million.

Orient provides a range of products for the commercial and corporate sectors. The company has huge contribution to UAE economy and growth. A few of the innovative services of Orient are Event Cancellation, Credit Insurance, indemnity insurance, Joint Property insurance, malpractice insurance, and Energy Insurance.

A strong financial base and range of bespoke products increase the core strength of the company. Orient has a diverse product range for all types of customer needs.

Orient Insurance Abu Dhabi

Network: Orient Insurance Hospital List 

The most Affordable plan of Orient insurance is DMED which is a basic insurance plan

Deductible 20% co-pay for some in-patient treatments up to a maximum of AED 500 (annual cap of AED 1,000); 20% co-pay on all out-patient services


Yearly Cover AED 150,000
Coverage Area GCC
Dental Cover Yes
Maternity Cover Covered with a 10% co-pay; up to AED 7,000 for normal delivery and AED 10,000 for medically essential C-section, preauthorization required for in-patient treatment, complications & termination.


The National Health Insurance Company Daman

Consistently Ranked No. 1 in UAE, Daman is a leading health insurer providing a wide range of health insurance solutions to 3.0 million members in UAE. Daman is a public-private joint company mostly owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi. Founded in 2006 Daman was one of the first providers to offer health insurance drives by using state-of-the-art coverage technology and modernization. Daman Policyholders get more benefits from hospitalization and effective disease management.

Daman health insurance

Daman is a part of the Largest integrated healthcare network in UAE, PureHealth, as health insurer Daman empowers more than 3 million people with comprehensive health insurance. PureHealth creates a powerful integrated system that includes Abu Dhabi’s Best Hospitals, Clinics, pharmacies, health devices, investments, diagnostic and related medical and insurance services.

In a short amount of time, Daman has set high standards for the health insurance business and won a number of internationally recognized awards and quality-focused certifications.

Insurance Authority Registration No. 73 (National Health Insurance Company – Daman PJSC)

Daman Abu Dhabi Basic Plan

Daman’s Abu Dhabi Basic Plan is one of the most popular plans among small businesses as well as individuals, the plan is also the cheapest one. Almost every company in Abu Dhabi implies Basic Plan for their employees.

Basic coverage in Abu Dhabi grants employees access to Dh250,000 worth of care, but pharmacy costs are limited to Dh1,500 per year.

Employees who make less than Dh4,000 and qualify for the Essential Benefits Plan will not get all of their health needs met.


The Plan is for Group Policies

Age Premiums in AED
18-40 950 AED
41-59 1450AED
60 and Above 5800 AED
Maternity Surcharge Married Female 18-50 750 AED

Small Investors

Age Premiums in AED
18-40 2700 AED
41-59 3300 AED
60 and Above 8400 AED
Maternity Surcharge Married Female 18-50 750 AED


Age Premiums in AED
0-17 1670 AED
18-40 2000 AED
41-59 4750 AED
60 and Above 10750 AED
Maternity Surcharge Married Female 18-50 750 AED

Individually Sponsored Dependents

Age Premiums in AED
0-17 1450 AED
18-40 2000 AED
41-59 6830 AED
60 and Above 12500 AED
Maternity Surcharge Married Female 18-50 750

Employees under the sponsorship of UAE Nationals(Domestic Helpers)

Age Premiums in AED
18-40 600 AED
41-59 600 AED
60 and Above 600
Maternity Surcharge Married Female 18-50 750

Employees under the sponsorship of Non-UAE Nationals(Domestic Helpers)

Age Premiums in AED
18-40 875 AED
41-59 1830 AED
60 and Above 5800 AED
Maternity Surcharge Married Female 18-50 750

Sukoon Insurance

Recently Oman Insurance rebranded itself to Sukoon Insurance. For 47 Years Sukoon Insurance is trusted by thousands of individuals and some of the world’s largest companies in the region. Their claim system is highly efficient with quick innovative online solutions. They rebranded their name to Sukoon Insurance to remove the language barrier and to give a better understanding of their corporate identity. Sukoon’s meaning is peace of mind, the word is easily understandable to almost anyone living in UAE or Oman.

Sukoon Insurance Abu Dhabi

Sukoon Insurance is a choice for 0.8 million people in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, every customer they interacted with, must feel peace of mind before even buying the product. Sukoon customers will get every support from buying health insurance to submitting a claim, hospitalization, and more.

Network: Sukoon Insurance Hospital List

Safe Plan

Their most affordable plan is Safe Plan, there are other choices available but as we are discussing the cheapest we only mentioned safe plan.

Plan Safe Plan
Annual Premium 2586 AED
Deductible Options 10%
Indemnity Limit 150,000 AED
Basic Territory for Elective and Emergency Treatment UAE, MENA, and South East Asia
Extended Territory for  Emergency Treatment Only Not Covered
Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage 150,000 AED
Sukkon Medical Network Vital
Organ Transplant 10,000 AED
Psychiatric Treatment 5000 AED
Life Insurance 50,000 AED

Fidelity United Insurance

Fidelity United is partnered run insurance company in UAE, providing comprehensive health insurance in UAE since 1976. United Insurance and Fidelity Assurance partnered to form a new identity Fidelity United in UAE.

Their health insurance will cover most of the medical expenses. Their plan consists of outpatient covers that don’t require hospitalization after the consultation with the practitioner. No diagnostics, X-rays, or MRI is covered.

fidelity United Abu Dhabi

Each plan has separate inpatient coverage that involves expenditure coverage if the patient gets admitted to the hospital. Full inpatient coverage is given on premium plans but most of the plans just cover some value of hospitalization cost.

Network: Nextcare Insurance Hospital List


Plan Yealy Cover
AUH Nextcare GN+ AED 1000,000
AUH Plan 5 RN3 AED 250,000
AUH Plan 2 Nextcare GN AED 750,000
AUH Plan 3 Nextcare RN AED 500,000



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