7 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Dubai

Are you looking for the best hair transplant in Dubai? In your search for the ideal treatment for unwanted hair loss and baldness, a hair transplant is a possibility. Hair transplantation can no longer be ignored nowadays and the procedure has gained a lot of popularity and fame in recent years. But what is the best and latest hair transplant method? It is not always easy to make a clear distinction between the various methods that are offered. In addition to similarities, there are also major differences in the treatment techniques. Always make a good assessment and choose the best hair transplant method that suits your personal wishes.

What is the best hair transplant method for you?

Especially if you are still in the exploratory phase to undergo treatment against baldness, it is difficult to estimate what is good. The best hair transplant method is different for everyone. You benefit from the procedure that gives the best results and the least chance of a scar, side effects, and risks. The FUE hair transplant is performed by the specialists of Acura Medical Center with the most modern techniques. Make an appointment for a no-obligation intake interview. During the conversation, the best hair transplant method will be explained in more detail. You have the opportunity to ask all your questions. The doctor will examine your scalp and talk to you about your medical background and any medication you may be taking. It is important to indicate your wishes and expectations regarding the hair transplant. At Acura Medical Center it is possible to view photos of the results of men and women who have preceded you. Take a look in the treatment room and feel familiar with the medical specialist. After the intake interview, you will receive a price proposal for an FUE hair transplant, the best hair transplant method currently available.

Hair Transplant Clinic




PADRA Hair Transplant

Sofitel Hotel, Unit 1301, Burj Gate  48 Near Burj Khalifa Metro Sheikh Zayed Road - Downtown Floor 13, Dubai, UAE


Tunio Aesthetics

Building 64  Suite 2034 Block F, 20th Street, Building No. 64 - Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai, UAE


Turkish Hair Transplant Center

Umm Al Sheif  Dubai  Street 16C,  UAE



Mazaya Shopping Centre - Sheikh Zayed Collector Road - Al Wasl - Dubai, UAE


Lutetia DHI Dubai

Crescent Dr  opposite to VIP Mall Valet Parking - Dubai Festival City - Dubai, UAE


Proto Clinic

Ibin Sina 27  Block B  1st floor 27th Sreet - Dubai, UAE


Vivandi Trichology

Suite No. 701 & 703, Fairmont Dubai Office Tower  Sheikh Zayed Road  Dubai, UAE


FUT and FUE hair transplant method

The first hair transplants were performed using the FUT hair transplant method. Nowadays this is no longer experienced as the best hair transplant treatment. A FUT hair transplant is done under local anesthesia and takes an average of 4 to 6 hours. The treating specialist removes a strip of skin from the back of your head, which serves as a donor area. By removing the strip, a permanent scar is created, which is later sutured and can be covered with hair. The FUT method has a number of side effects that can be taken into consideration in addition to the formation of a scar. Due to a refinement of the technique and innovation of the equipment, the so-called FUE hair transplant is increasingly being chosen method. Just like with the FUT technique, the hair transplant takes place under local anesthesia. In contrast to the FUT method, no strip is removed from the skin, so that no unsightly scar is left behind. The experienced specialist uses a hollow needle to remove the grafts directly from the donor area. The harvested grafts are then transplanted one by one to the transplant area. A treatment can last up to 8 hours and may be spread over several treatment days. The FUE technique is regularly described as the best hair transplant method.

Results are not immediately visible after the hair transplant has taken place. The doctor will give you some advice that can positively influence the results. It is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out about 7 to 30 days after the transplant. You don’t have to worry about this. Then your hair on the transplanted areas will start to grow again after 2 to 3 months. You must bear in mind that even with the best hair transplant method, a clearly visible result is only visible after an average of 8 months. The result is final. Transplanted hairs last as long as the hairs in the donor area. As the years go by, the hair can become slightly thinner as a result of the natural aging process.

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PADRA Hair Transplant

At Padra Medical Center you are in trusted and experienced hands. You will receive the care and attention you need. Customer satisfaction is Padra Medical Center’s top priority. Padra Medical Center provides a variety of hair treatments, including male and female hair transplants, as well as beard and brow transplants.Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Dubai

Your first visit to Padra Medical Center is non-binding. During an initial consultation, the relevant doctor will inform you in detail about the procedure, the expected result, and the possible complications. Together with you, the doctor examines to what extent your wishes and expectations are realistic and feasible.

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Tunio Aesthetics

Tunio Aesthetics has been the expert in the field of hair, hair stem cells, and tissue engineering for more than 16 years. Their Research & Development department focuses specifically on hair stem cell research in our own laboratory, as well as developing new therapies for hair restoration and perfecting the HST method. Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio, FRCS, and his professional medical team have achieved a high success rate in hair transplant and body contouring by producing highly consistent and amazing results.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Dubai

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Turkish Hair Transplant CenterBest Hair Transplant Clinics in Dubai

At Turkish Hair Clinic, we believe that each case is different and must be treated in a special and personalized way before performing a treatment. With the help of a specialized medical team with extensive experience and using the most advanced techniques in hair grafting, they offer the best results to all our patients both in Dubai and UAE. The implantation of follicles is carried out without a defined pattern, according to the physiognomy of the patient, which guarantees the maximum possible density of hair in the transplanted area.

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This Alborj hair clinic has a whole structure that makes it one of the best since it has operating rooms and instruments with the latest technology that allows doctors to guarantee excellent results. It also has more than 20 years in the sector and throughout its existence, more than 3500 patients have benefited from the treatments performed there. So if you are in Madrid, this is one of the best options.Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Dubai

Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas, director of this hair center, in addition to having a prestigious career in the area, is recognized for being the developer of a new implantation technique that is done using the Implanter tool (a tool created by a Korean scientist to make implants of precise hair without causing damage and trying to avoid pain).

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Lutetia DHI Dubai

DHI Dubai exists to change lives. Yours and that of thousands of people who live with a complex about their hair loss. They know that it can take months to decide, but they will be here to solve all your doubts over and over again. Going for hair implant surgery using the FUE technique. No matter what it is, the DHI team of experts will be there before, during, and after your graft. DHI is coordinated with a single objective to make quality hair surgeries and treatments within your reach. Without complications. At DHI you have what you need and where you need it.Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Dubai

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Proto Clinic

A well-known medical center specializing in hair health in Dubai. Its recognition is due to the fact that there is a staff of doctors capable of offering the most cutting-edge treatments in the industry. Dr. Wissam Adadais responsible for the success of this clinic, since he himself performs numerous hair grafts in his medical center, he is also a specialist in different types of alopecia. So if you are in Dubai this is one of your best options.Proto Clinic

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Vivandi Trichology

They combine the best and most requested techniques, such as the FUE technique, for the extraction of follicular units with sapphire blades, which is currently the technique that currently gives the best results. Vivandi has been changing all its technology as it is being implemented in the market, so they are always up-to-date with the latest technology. First, they make an appointment to meet you and after a talk with the surgeon in micrografts to find out what you are really looking for and he will analyze your case to find out what your donor area of ​​the head is like and which places the transplant should be carried out. After that comes the operation and follow-up appointments to see how your new hair evolves.


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