18 Best Restaurants and Food Courts at Dubai Airport Terminals 1,2,3

Dubai International Airport consists of three terminals each terminal has its own food court area with a huge sitting capacity. Terminal 1 has many famous restaurants The draft house, Yo! Sushi, Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Masale the taste of India at the airport. Dining was an amazing meet-up point in the old days people just visit the nearest airport terminal for eating and see planes carrying passengers but now due to the security checkpoints at Airport, only passengers can enjoy the experience of dining at the Airport. The airport is located in the middle of Dubai in the older part of the city, near the Dubai Creek and the Al Garhoud and Deira districts. Due to its location in the middle of the city, Dubai International Airport is almost at its maximum capacity, which is why people are busy building a new airport, Al Maktoum International Airport. This new airport will, when everything is ready, become one of the largest airports in the world. The new Al Maktoum airport is located south of Dubai, near Jebel Ali.

If you go on holiday to Dubai to enjoy the sun, sea and beach, luxury shopping centers, or a Desert Safari in Dubai, chances are that you will fly at Dubai International Airport(DXB). Dubai International Airport, which is known by the IATA code DXB, is Dubai’s main airport and is an important transfer hub in the Middle East for travel to Asia and Australia, among others. Due to the enormous growth of tourism in the region, Dubai International Airport has been one of the largest airports in the world for several years now.

Restaurants at Dubai Airport Terminal 1

Passengers having tickets from All international airlines except Emirates land at terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport.  Terminal 1 consists of three levels. Terminal 1 is mainly used for flights to Europe and other Western countries. If you fly from Europe, you almost always arrive at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 have their own metro station and are also easily accessible by taxi and bus service.

The Draft House DXB

The draft house really nice layover for the passengers waiting for their flight at T1 Terminal. They have great deals on drinks and food. Mr. Ray assists all the guests in an attentive and polite manner. You can rest for many hours in their lager which is well-conditioned for all non-emirates travelers. Get Location

The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

Most customers have an average experience of dining at Wolfgang Puck. Their hamburgers and fries are famous. Service and time given by waiters were just not so good but you can get a nice quick meal and enjoy the waiting time of your flight. Get Location


Giraffe at DXB has excellent ambiance and service. Mr. Nishat will come to you for the conversation asked your flight time and what food you want. You can try their Veggie Pizza and halloumi fries which were very delicious. Get Location

Giraffe dubai airport

Paul Bakery & Restaurant

A well-decorated restaurant and bakery. Their service is quick and amazing. For morning travelers Paul has a huge range of breakfast dishes. Must include hot chocolate in your next pre-flight breakfast. Get Location

Pret A Manger

The espresso is an exceptionally scrumptious breakfast that was appropriate. Costs are normal. They have extremely decent outside seats with a view direct to the Dubai shopping center wellspring. Their menu consists of pastries, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and cakes. Get Location

Pret A MangerRestaurants at Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Dubai International (DXB) Terminal 2: flydubai and other regional and international airlines.

Krispy Kreme

The specialty of Krispy Kreme is Donuts, you can only find the best Donuts in Dubai at Krispy Kreme, their Lotus biscoff, red velvet, and hot coffee is must-try. Turn up your flight waiting time with Glazed donuts with caramel frappe combination.

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KFC is always available to satisfy your craving for fast food. The crispiness of their fried chicken remains the same as usual. Try their spicy fries and tomato chili sauce with a chicken piece for an absolute combination.

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kfc dubai airport


They make fantastic sandwiches that you can customize to your needs and preferences, and because they are made fresh, you won’t feel like you’re eating a sandwich that has been refrigerated. They also offer a variety of salads that are equally delicious and come with delectable dressings.  Get Location


Visit Costa at the Dubai airport a few times, and each time the quality is very comparable to that at home. A decently pleasant coffee shop with comparable prices to other establishments there to wait for connecting flights.
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Subway is a go-to spot occasionally for everyone who likes healthy eating. Get a quick and delectable snack. Must try Italian BMT without veggies Nevertheless, it didn’t let you down; the flavor is still excellent. The only thing that worries is the cost of the water they are selling. Due to the price,  purchase juice from another retailer. Get Location


Restaurants at Dubai International (DXB) Terminal 3

Dubai International (DXB) Terminal 3: Emirates and some flydubai flights.

Hard Rock Cafe

Make Long, restless flight incredibly comfortable and enjoyable by Hard Rock. RUPAK, the bartender, took good care of all the customers.
Great personality and is a great guy. Excellent recommendations for both the food and the drinks. You Will return without a doubt, and a big thank you to Rupak for his excellent customer service.

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Jack’s Bar & Grill

Excellent Breakfast and a great place to chill. Their customer service behavior is top-notch. Especially their waiter Joseph his service is wonderful, the bartenders are also very friendly and professional.
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Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a premium burger food chain and very Expensive, for a single Smoke Shack burger, fries, and peanut butter shake (AED 111, or roughly US$30.25). Of course, this is way too much to pay anywhere for Shake Shack. However, some consideration can be made for the extremely high cost of eating here given that this is Dubai International Airport, where everything is very expensive.
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Giraffe World Kitchen

Located Near Terminal 3, Gate A, if you are feeling exhausted by flight waiting time Giraffe will make it interesting and beautiful. They are known for their fast service, you can get food sooner than expected time. Must try their burgers, wines, and steak. People visiting Giraffe World Kitchen, give especially thanks to the waitress Lilian who was very friendly and fast.
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McDonald’s in Dubai Terminal 3 is a renowned fast-food restaurant with a reputation for speedy service and a familiar menu. Its location in one of the world’s busiest airports makes it a convenient option for travelers seeking a fast bite. The restaurant offers a variety of McDonald’s classics, including burgers, fries, and milkshakes, to accommodate a variety of flavors and preferences.

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Ahlan Lounge @ Gate B26

The Ahlan Lounge at Dubai International Airport provides passengers with a pleasant and comfortable experience. The lounge, conveniently located in Terminal 1, Concourse D, offers a variety of amenities and services to enhance your travel.
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Treehouse Juicery

Treehouse Juicery is an online juice bar that focuses on nutrition and community support. This Black-owned company in Baltimore was formed with the goal of healing and promoting well-being by providing nutritious and delicious cold-pressed juices. Their commitment to providing healthful foods to underserved people is admirable.

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The Gallery – Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

The Gallery – Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is an eating facility near Gate B09 in Dubai International Airport’s Terminals 1 & 3. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant has an international à la carte menu with dishes from Continental, Indian, Asian, and Arabic cuisines. Guests can partake in a gastronomic experience that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

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