7 Best Online Supermarkets for Grocery Shopping in Dubai

Online supermarkets have become more and more popular in Dubai homes. A statement from Dubai Customs shows that the UAE e-supermarkets sales to rise 23 percent to US$27 billion (AED100 billion) in 2022 fueled by the pandemic.

With the low prices in relation to physical supermarkets, the significant time savings, and the increasingly cheaper delivery prices, it is no wonder that Dubai Residents have become more enthusiastic about online supermarkets. But which online Grocery shopping websites are the best and cheapest?

The number of online supermarkets offering grocery shopping online has almost exploded in recent years, and today you can get goods delivered in almost the entire UAE. Where previously it could be difficult to find an online supermarket, there is now a myriad of different online startup concepts to choose from. We have been all over the net and found the best online retailers of groceries online, both in those in the category online supermarket, but also those who offer other food concepts, such as the popular meal boxes.

A lot of popular UAE Hypermarkets and Superstores now also have fully functional Online shopping apps and websites. Due to the flourishing eCommerce startup culture in Dubai, many new entrants providing different experiences of grocery shopping, the new apps don’t have physical stores which reduced the cost of maintenance and human resources.

  1. Amazon.ae
  2. Instashop
  3. Lulu Hypermarket
  4. Waitrose and Partners
  5. Carrefour
  6. Trolly.ae
  7. Farzana.ae

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If you don’t know about Amazon, you might be new to online shopping. Previously, the store was called Souq, which was then purchased by Amazon. Now all traffic from the souq website has been redirected to Amazon.ae. You can not miss anything from Amazon.ae. You can name any category: groceries, toys, laptops, electronics, mobiles, Iphones, TVs, home appliances. The Amazon UAE store even has a services section that includes mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, handyman services, disinfection services, and AC duct cleaning in Dubai. Due to the huge inventory available on Amazon.ae, the prices are very competitive, but still be aware of drop shippers who mainly use other brands and sell them on Amazon.ae at higher prices to earn profit. If you understand the rates well, you must keep old invoices from grocery shopping and match them with Amazon prices. If you find any product more than the real amount or different from your local grocery shop, then don’t purchase that specific item.

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To see a whole lot of Amazon.ae products must shop from the link below.


A major UAE Based startup is founded by John Tsioris and Ioanna Angelidaki in the year 2015 and expands its operations to other MENA countries Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon. Their model of working is different as they don’t have their own inventory or large warehouses they just connect buyers with sellers and items are delivered directly from the marketplace. In another sense, it is more like a marketplace of shops where users can navigate the nearest supermarkets online and buy products from them.

The growing need for Online grocery delivery services during the pandemic makes Instashop a leading application which also makes them $300 million GMV in the 2nd quarter of the year 2020. Which is highly incredible as compared to the previous year.

Download Instashop Online Grocery Delivery App

The reason behind Delivery Hero purchasing Instashop for 360 Million Dollars is the business model of InstaShop which proved swiftly scalable and cost-effective. While InstaShop’s immediate aim is to foster growth throughout its current geographical areas, joining Delivery Hero also provides additional prospects for future worldwide expansion.

Lulu Hypermarket

In UAE LULU make every effort to ensure adequate food supply and lifestyle needs for multi-ethnic customers by procuring products consistently. As consumers become more frugal, lulu’s latest deals will benefit clients by offering substantial discounts on daily staples. Lulu Hypermarket has 1st GSAS gold rating in Mena which shows their priority to minimize the risk to the environment.

lulu online grocery shopping in dubai

You can find all kinds of Groceries and everyday life products on their Online Website and Application, Lulu also regularly provide amazing discounted deals, as well as the special festival, was held in their shops such as British Food, and Local Arabic Festivals in which you can find organic products, fruits, and vegetables, dairy items, sweet delicacies.

Visit: Lulu Hypermarket UAE 


The best website to shop for fresh vegetables, kitchen goods, spices, rice, and other food-related items in Dubai and the whole UAE. They have sections for fruit and vegetables, buturey, cheese, bakery, and other fresh essential food items. You can also find a whole lot of imported food items from different countries in the world, so if you are looking for fresh food items, you must visit their online shopping website. Also, many British-origin expats really like this store due to their familiarity with their home country.

Waitrose and Partners UAE



Carrefour Online Grocery Shopping Dubai

The UAE has a lot of multinational companies mostly targeting fast-moving consumer goods, so it is not possible that Carrefour will not have a presence in Dubai. One of the first in Dubai, providing online delivery of groceries with express delivery. Shop for a range of fresh food items, vegetables, beverages, frozen food, bakery, dairy, eggs, fruits, baby products, pet supplies, personal care, and cosmetic products. Carrefour has a bulk saving section that has all kinds of wholesale priced products. This is good for those who love to store large quantities of water, beverages, toilet paper, juices, and essential kitchen supplies.


Just like regular shopping trollies, now you can fill them online while sitting at home. Trolley.ae is one of the starter websites that boosted Dubai’s online grocery shopping trends. Due to the pandemic in 2020, Trolley.ae has seen impressive growth. Their website interface is amazing. It looks like it contains all that you need just on the front page. They also recently launched a mobile application but do not have many downloads. It seems the website is enough for shopping purposes.

trolley.ae online grocery shopping in Dubai

Trolly.ae has a wide variety of:

  • Bakery Items
  • Dairy and Eggs
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Drinks
  • Meat, Fish and Chicken
  • Frozen
  • Cash and Jars
  • Packets and Cereals
  • Chocolates and Snacks
  • Home care and Cleaning Accessories
  • Health and beauty
  • Baby Care
  • Pets Care


Finding fresh fruit and vegetables is not an easy task. You need to physically visit the supermarket. After sightseeing many shops, you need to handpick each fruit and vegetable to check for freshness and quality. Farzana.ae does limit the hassle of shopping for fruits and vegetables as this is the only customized store in Dubai made for shopping.

farzan.ae dubai

Grocery Shopping items from Farzana.ae:

  • Keto diet boxes
  • Gift Baskets
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Organic
  • Eggs and Dairy
  • Dry Food
  • Frozen
  • Water

Visit Farzana.ae

More Online Grocery Shopping Stores in Dubai

The Global eCommerce boost, especially due to COVID-19, stepped up entrepreneurs to start new ventures in Dubai also. Every month, a new player in the online shopping arena enters the UAE market. This not only builds competition but also makes shopping more exciting for many citizens. Shoppers now compare prices and quality of items and find amazing discounts which they never saw before. Here are some more options you can try for online grocery shopping in Dubai:

Choithrams Grocery Delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


BaraketFresh.ae Order Groceries Online in Sharjah and Dubai


Supermart.ae Dubai online Upscale market


Qualityfood.ae Same day delivery of Fruits and Vegetables



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