Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

5 Best Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

Some very well-respected Malay psychologists in Dubai help and advise people from the Malayali-speaking community. People know these professionals for how much they care about mental health and well-being. Let’s talk about the top five Malayali psychologists in Dubai. These are some of the most well-known names in the Malayli community who are improving mental health in Dubai.

Ms. Reena Thomas

Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

Ms. Reena Thomas is a licensed psychologist working at Medeor Hospital, Dubai. She holds a strong educational background in psychology, providing a wide range of psychological services. Her expertise includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, stress management, and counseling for anxiety and depression. Reena’s work history reflects a dedication to mental health, with significant experience in both clinical and counseling settings. Currently, she offers individual and group therapy, aiming to improve mental well-being through evidence-based practices.

Sailaja Menon

Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

Sailaja Menon is a skilled psychologist at the Lifeworks Foundation in Dubai. She focuses on family therapy, child and adolescent psychology, and marriage counseling. Sailaja has extensive experience in mental health care and focuses on making positive changes in her clients’ lives. She has advanced degrees in psychology and certifications in a variety of therapeutic approaches. She provides personalized care at Lifeworks, assisting individuals and families in overcoming life’s obstacles with resilience and strength.

Dr. Deepa Sankar

Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

Dr. Deepa Sankar is a renowned pediatrician at NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai. She has an MBBS and an MD in Pediatrics, demonstrating her extensive training and experience in child health. Dr. Sankar has held prestigious positions in India and the UAE, with a focus on pediatric care and neonatology. Her services cover all aspects of child health, from newborns to teenagers, such as vaccinations, growth monitoring, and disease management. Dr. Sankar is committed to providing compassionate care and ensuring the health of her young patients.

Dr. Shaju George

Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

Dr. Shaju George is a renowned psychiatrist at Dubai Community Health Centre. With a strong background in medicine and psychiatry, he provides specialized mental health care, such as therapy for depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. His background includes extensive clinical experience, which adds to his expertise in medication management and psychotherapy. Dr. George’s current work is focused on holistic mental health solutions, to improve his patient’s quality of life through personalized treatment plans.

Ms. Easther Mathews

Malayali Psychologists in Dubai

Ms. Easther Mathews is a dedicated psychologist at Openminds Centre in Dubai. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and has received specialized training in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Easther’s services include individual counseling and group workshops that address stress, anxiety, and personal growth. Her background demonstrates a dedication to mental health and education, with a particular emphasis on empowering people through evidence-based interventions. She creates a safe space for clients to explore and overcome their obstacles at Openminds Centre.


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