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Birds use a lot of energy all year round. In winter to maintain temperature, and in spring to lay eggs and raise their young. And in the fall they build up reserves for the winter. So you can feed them all year round. Birds don’t stuff themselves when their hunger is satisfied. Nor do they forget to find food on their own.

The best way to feed your birds differs per season. In spring and summer, for example, birds mainly need protein-rich food, such as insects, mealworms, and caterpillars. In the autumn and winter, they actually benefit more from vitamins and fatty foods, such as berries, nuts, peanuts, and fat balls. You can buy high-quality food packages at pet shops, garden centers, web stores, and the Bird Protection, but you can of course also scatter (remnants of) your own food in the garden. Think, for example, of bread crumbs (to a limited extent), oatmeal, seeds, and fruit.

Spring: proteins and Calcium

During the spring, birds are busy: looking for mates, building nests, laying eggs, brooding, and raising young. And that whole process often twice in a row.

Insects, caterpillars, and worms are a source of protein. Birds go in search of this and they are normally widely available in the spring in a bird-friendly garden.

Many think that additional feeding of birds in the spring is not necessary, but even then food shortages can occur. When it rains and blows hard for two days, there are almost no insects to be found, so the birds can also use our help. It is less about fat and more about the proteins and calcium that birds normally get from insects.

For this purpose, go to the nearest Bird Store in Dubai to get some mealworms and 4-season bird food. Lime is in many natural foods. If you want to provide birds with extra calcium, you can give well-cooked and crushed eggshells. Never give milk!

Summer: protein-rich foods

In summer, a flat bowl of fresh water is vital. They drink and bathe in it. They also need a lot of protein-rich food. Birds start to molt and get the plumage that should protect them against the winter cold. Or that allows them to move south.

Birds themselves go in search of the worms and insects they need to get their portion of proteins. You can help them by attracting insects with flowering plants. Or by watering your lawn to lure the worms up.

Autumn: vitamin-rich berries

When it gets colder, the birds come closer to home. They are now actively looking for a place where there is something to be found even in the cold seasons. If you start feeding them now, you will soon have regulars for the winter. Many bird species now also eat the vitamin-rich berries from the shrubs in your garden.

Fat balls and peanuts are suitable for feeding birds at this time of year.

Winter: food and water

It takes birds a lot of energy in winter to maintain their body temperature at 40 degrees. On a cold night, smaller species sometimes lose 10 percent of their weight. They can use every extra: seed mixture, and fruit and as an extra energy source, you can hang fat balls and peanuts.

In case of light frost, you can offer fresh drinking water. Birds bathe in it too. This is not a problem: the water rolls off the greased springs, so it doesn’t freeze. As long as they find open water in nature, they may also find open water in the garden.

In very severe frost, it is better not to offer open (warm) water. They don’t really need the water now and shouldn’t bathe when it freezes so hard. If there is no snow to pick up, you can crush ice so they can pick up the ice splinters. Very cold in the stomach, so it takes energy, but it provides the fluid needed.

Do not give water with salt, because that is very unhealthy for birds. Also, do not put sugar in the water, because if they bathe in it, a sticky layer will form on their feathers.

Best Market for buying birds and their supplies in Dubai

Birds Stores offers a wide range of high-quality bird food. These foods have a high energy and oil content and are tested for toxins. There are also various feeding systems available to offer the feed.

Bird Store




Dubai Birds and Pets Market

Opposite to Hindi Humantarian City, Warsan 3, Dubai, UAE

+971 800 900

King parrots

Within the Birds and Pets Market of Dubai
سوق الطيور والحيوانات الأليفة Warsan 3 – UAE

+971 56 343 9308

Awan birds trading LLC

Alwasan 3 Birdsand animal market Block A1 shop 19 – Dubai – UAE

+971 56 377 7786

Birds world

Near Lal super market shop - 12 Al Satwa Rd - Al Bada'a - Dubai, UAE

+971 55 527 7519

King of birds Dubai

Al Hudaiba Road – Al Bada’a  – Dubai, UAE

+971 4 344 2408

Dubai Birds and Pets Market

Located in Al Warsan-3, the pet and bird market is one of the largest markets centric on buying and selling birds, animals, and their supplies. Every corner of the market is filled with birds and animal voices, there is no better place than this to get treatment for pets as well as other major needs. Don’t forget to visit the section to buy parrots came from each corner of the world.

The market is purposefully developed to accommodate a variety of animals and birds. The harsh climate of Dubai and surrounding areas are not very suitable for many birds, and health and safety certifications are maintained by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE).

This is one of the amazing places where you found lovely animals and their sales staff is really friendly. As everyone like cleanliness and you got amazed by the tidiness of the place. They treat their pets like their children after seeing that you got fascinated and respect the shop and you definitely want to buy your pet from that place.  The design of that place was appreciable and that is one of the most maintained places you ever seemed. This market is famous for its dog breeds and this market has a vast variety of aquariums for fish lovers.

All birds are considered endangered according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is illegal to sell or purchase in the market. Birds suitable for living in the home environment are listed for sale in the market.

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King parrots:

One of the best pet marketplaces in Dubai for buying any species of Parrots. Their prices are reasonable and favorable and one of the best things about that market is that their staff is very friendly and always give you good advice not to force you to buy their pets just suggest you according to your need. Rare species are available and they have a good collection of pet accessories. And the vet for your pet is also present there.

Awan birds trading LLC:

This marketplace is providing extraordinary customer care services. It is one of the high-rated marketplaces in Dubai. They also import and export pets for their customers. It is a wonderful world for a pet lovers to get their lovely pets and enjoy their best time with their pets.

Birds world:

Here you get a unique variety of pets at reasonable rates and their pet supplies are remarkable.

You can also buy pet food there, they have their own setup of pet food processing. The services that they are providing to their customers are good enough to make your mind to buy your pet from that place.

King of birds Dubai

This shop is statements with its entrances on the map. Birds are healthy and rates are also reasonable in this shop. They have variety of birds and fish in their shop. Their way to treat the animals and birds convinces you to buy your lovely pet from their shop.

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