What is Rhinoplasty Treatment?

Rhinoplasty Treatment in Dubai

Is your nose too conspicuous, too large or do you find it crooked? Do you experience complaints such as shame and uncertainty or do you have problems breathing? With a nose job, you can have the shape or position of your nose corrected to reduce psychological or medical complaints. After a nose job, your nose fits better with the rest of your face. Read more about:

When a nose job (Rhinoplasty)?

The nose has a prominent place in the face and therefore determines your appearance. Hereditary factors or (sports) accidents can influence the position and shape of your nose. Sometimes the shape and position of the nose do not match the rest of your face. The nose then stands out extra. For aesthetic reasons, you can have a nose job done. In addition, medical factors sometimes play a role. Due to a congenital defect or malformation as a result of an accident, the nose causes respiratory complaints or headache complaints, for example. Depending on the reason for the operation, a nose job is reimbursed by the health insurer.
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Rhinoplasty or chin correction?

In some cases, a nose job is not suitable for tackling the prominent position of the nose. When your chin is relatively small, the nose will stand out even more. The plastic surgeon can then advise you to do a chin correction instead of a nose correction. The chin catches the eye more through the correction so that the nose is less noticeable. The ratio of the face is therefore decisive. Do you want to know which type of correction is suitable for your face? Consultation with a plastic surgeon or a nose job can help.

What are the risks and complications?

It is important that you realize that any surgical procedure can entail risks and complications. Plastic surgery involves in principle healthy people and the risks and the risk of complications are low. Through good information, a complete history (recording your history of illness such as the use of medication, any problems with previous operations, allergies) and our professional method we reduce these risks to an absolute minimum.

Some possible complications of surgical treatment may be:
Hematoma (an accumulation of blood under the skin that requires removal)
Negative reaction to the anesthetic
After bleeding
Emotional change
Permanently visible scars
Damage to underlying structures
Unsatisfactory aesthetic result.
Some possible complications specifically related to a nose job may be:
Passage disorder (difficulty breathing through the nose) due to swelling in the nose
Damage to the nasal septum

For Smokers:

Patients who smoke, use tobacco products or nicotine products (such as nicotine patches and chewing gum) before and / or after a nose job have a greater risk of complications such as skin dying and poorer wound healing. People who are exposed to secondhand smoke may also be at increased risk of similar complications. Furthermore, smoking can have a negative effect on anesthesia, possibly resulting in an increased risk of bleeding. People without exposure to tobacco smoke or nicotine-containing products have a considerably lower risk of such complications.


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