3 Ways to Download Dewa Bill – Dewa Bill Enquiry Payment Online

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority DEWA has several different options for Bill Payment, you can avail of Etisalat, ENOC/EPPCO, Banks, Smart Dubai, Noqodi, and Empay for the payments of DEWA Green Bills. DEWA bills do not only consist of just water and electricity you may get bills for Sewerage & irrigation Charges, Cooling charges (Empower / Nakheel) Bill payment services.

Pay Bills using DEWA Smart App

Check DEWA Green Bill, Final Bill, and Security Deposit Payment and pay online using different. You can deposit money via bank, Easypay, or with a credit card.

  1. For bill payment and transfer of connection using the smart app, you need to make an online account with DEWA. For this purpose first, sign up on DEWA Website you can also signup using UAE Pass or with DEWA ID.
  2. Download and install DEWA smart application. Android/iPhone
  3. Sign in with UAE Pass.
  4. Enter your UAE Pass pin or use your fingerprint ID.
  5. Once you sign in DEWA app will automatically fetch all of your current bills including electricity, water, and Dubai Municipality.

Pay Bills using DEWA Website

You can bill through a variety of channels including the Dewa website https://www.dewa.gov.ae/.

  1. Visit DEWA Easy Pay payment option. By using Easy Pay you can pay for Final Bill Payment, Security Deposit Payment, Port-Sale Payment, Green Charger Payment, and Estimate Payment.
  2. After receiving your Green Bill your Invoice No. will be your Easy Pay number.
  3. Enter the Easy Pay number and click enquire.
  4. Click on Login to Pay.
  5. Use UAE Pass to make an account on DEWA.
  6. Select Pay through Dubai Pay.
  7. You can use Credit Card, Direct Debit, or Noqodi Wallet for payment.
  8. Enter your Credit card details for final payment.


DEWA Bill Payment using Tayseer

In collaboration with Emirates NBD,  DEWA introduced Tayseer Payment Machines and an Online Payment system for multiple account payments. You can use more than 200 Emirates NBD Cheque deposit machines to pay your DEWA Bill.



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