How to Renew your Daman Insurance Card Online

Do your Daman insurance card or policy is expiring soon? Before launching of online daman application, policyholders go to the Daman branch office to pay for the renewal fee. Daman Insurance developed an online system through which you don’t need to visit the Daman office for the renewal of your insurance card. Even you can also renew your dependent insurance card as well as for domestic helpers insurance policy which falls under you.

Daman insurance gives coverage at affordable rates their plans include Abu Dhabi Basic Plan and Essential Benefits plan in which you can get coverage for as low as 650 AED per year. Lower-income members of Abu Dhabi Emirates can get Abu Dhabi Basic Plan with a maximum annual limit of AED 250,000 which covers inpatient and outpatient services. These plans also come with 100% coverage for emergency health care. Dubai Visa holders can get an Essential Benefits Plan with a maximum annual limit of AED 150,000. Any Pre-existing conditions will also be covered but not with a waiting period of more than 6 months.

Daman National Health Insurance Company – Daman – PJSC insurance plan has some unique features such as a disease management system through which members can manage their diseases 24/7 daman care call center and authorization team makes it easy for payment-related difficulties. Daman network hosts a broad range of medical facilities which are more than 3000 all around UAE. Through Daman Online and Digital, Gateways policyholders can see the status of their Insurance Card and can renew the policy online.

Using Daman Mobile Application

  • Download Daman Insurance Android or iOS Application.
  • On Main Dashboard Click on Menu Option.
  • Select Insurance Plans.
  • Select which plan you want to renew.
  • Click on Renew Now button.
  • Pay Online using a credit card for insurance renewal.

Daman Insurance Renewal:

You need to Create Daman Insurance Policy Account first. For this visit Daman User Registration online and provide account details, policy type, and personal details.

  1. Go to Daman User Registration.
  2. Select Emirates ID or Insurance Card which is convenient for you.
  3. Enter Card Number and Policy Number.
  4. Type in Your Personal Details mobile number and email.Renewal of Daman Insurance Online
  5. In the last step give a Username and Password.
  6. Login to Daman Insurance Card using username and password.
  7. In Dashboard Select Application Status to view the policy status.
  8. There is also a complete list of dependents below for each there is complete information.
  9. Click on Online Endorsements.
  10. Select Dependents for which you require Renewal of Policy.
  11. For payment in Credit Card Details.


MyDaman online is a convenient way to easily renew all of your dependent policyholders. There are a lot of other useful options that come with making a Daman account such as printing of Digital ID, getting a health insurance certificate. On Dashboard, you can find the Policy Number, type, expiry date, effective date. On the right side menu, you can see your Plan Details, Network List, Exclusion list, Policy wording. Similarly, you can acquire services like downloading of bill summary, bulk download of all digital IDs can make a request for SOA. If you want to see previous invoices of insurance renewal as well as payment details, it can be accessed by going to the dashboard and then on the invoices tab. By going to pending actions members can get themselves aware of action they need to take for their policy to be effective.



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