oman insurance claim form

Download Oman Insurance Claim Form (Outpatient)

Section 3 and 4 to be filled by the treating doctor and section 5 by the patient. All other sections to be filled by administrative personnel. Please write in Block letters. In case of additional details need to be provided please copy this Claim Form.

Download the Bupa Oman Insurance Direct Billing Claim form, this form is only for outpatients to download inpatient, Dental, reimbursement claim forms from other links provided below.

The most convenient way in which you don’t need to do anything just show your card to the hospital then customer services for the panel patients at the hospital will take care of all things —  in this scenrio your medical provider to submit the claim directly to the insurance company. They accomplish this electronically, via the network.

The second option is to fill out the Bupa Oman Insurance claim form given below and send it to the insurance company yourself. This can occur if your health care provider is not in your Oman insurance health plan’s network list or is unable to file it on your behalf. Then you must file a claim to request payment for the medical services you received from the medical provider or hospital.

Download Oman Insurance Company Direct Billing Outpatient Claim Form

Or save the below image

oman insurance company outpatient claim form

Looking for inpatient Form: Download Oman Insurance Inpatient Claim Form

Download Oman Insurance Reimbursement Claim Form Healthcare Insurance

Oman Insurance Online Claim Form Submission

Thanks to technological advances, many health insurance companies now giving cashless claims to the holders, companies and medical benefit plans now offer a variety of options, depending on the health insurance company. Oman Insurance company also has an online claim submission system in which, you can easily fill the above form and send it online. Another way is to send through courier but it is better to file a claim online these days.

oman insurance claim form

How to Fill and Submit Oman Insurance Claim Online

  1. Download the Oman Insurance Claim form for Outpatient or Inpatient Services.
  2. It is recommended to submit the form within 90 days of hospital admission or initial treatment.
  3. Ask your doctor for filling in the required details.
  4. Attach all the documents mentioned in the Claim form. Adding Banking details will helps in getting faster claim payment.
  5. Keep a copy of the form after filling it.
  6. After signing the form, must keep original treatment or diagnostic invoices copies with yourself.
  7. After reviewing the claim form you can submit the form online on the Oman Insurance website.

To keep the online Claim form submission as easy as possible Oman Health Insurance company has made a complete video tutorial must check this out.


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