skydiving dubai price comparison

Skydiving in Dubai Price Comparison

Skydiving Cost in Dubai Comparison between services and find which option is most suitable and affordable for you, the prices and services included may change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information from the providers before making a decision.

Service NameCost in AEDCost in INR (approx.)Cost in USD (approx.)Included ServicesAge LimitWeight LimitLatest 2024 Offers
Skydive Dubai2,19940,000600Tandem skydive, photos, and video18+100 kg5% off for early bookings
NZone Skydive Dubai1,99936,000550Tandem skydive and photos18+95 kg10% off for groups of 4+
Skydive Dubai Desert Campus1,69931,000460Tandem skydive, photos, and video18+100 kgFree video package upgrade
iFLY Dubai2995,50080Indoor skydiving experience5+115 kg2 for 1 on Tuesdays
Gravity Indoor Skydiving1953,50055Indoor skydiving experience5+105 kg15% off for students
Inflight Dubai1,59529,000435Indoor skydiving experience5+115 kgFree introductory lesson
Skyhub Dubai1,99936,000550Tandem skydive, photos, and video18+100 kgComplimentary photo package
Skydive Dubai Palm2,19940,000600Tandem skydive, photos, and video18+100 kgPriority boarding for +100 AED
Dubai Skydiving1,89934,000520Tandem skydive, photos, and video18+95 kg10% discount for repeat jumpers
Skydive Dubai Marina2,19940,000600Tandem skydive, photos, and video18+100 kgExclusive merchandise bundle

Note: The costs in INR and USD are approximations and could vary based on the current exchange rate. The age and weight limits are typical for skydiving services but can vary between providers. Always check the latest requirements and offers directly with the skydiving service.


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