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Nextcare Insurance Plan Charges

Nextcare insurance provides and manages insurance-related services of their partners and insurance companies. Whenever insuree buys a plan from Nexcare partners listed below their plans are actually managed by Nexcare.

Nexcare makes innovative plans, idea-oriented approach, analytic support, customer services, financial plans for their clients. Most of these companies are one of the renowned insurance providers from all around MENA region. Nexcare services include Production, Network Management, Preauthorization, Call Center, Claim Processing, Reconciliation, and Customer Services.

As a leading third-party insurance administrator Nexcare is only able to give prices to the vendors, ordinary customers can only get the price of their respective insurance plans by contacting their insurance companies’ names given below.

  1. Allianz Maroc
  2. Adonis Insurance & Reinsurance Co SAL (ADIR)
  3. Al Mashrek Insurance & Reinsurance sal
  4. Allianz SNA SAL
  5. Amana Insurance Company SAL
  6. Arab Lebanese Insurance Group SAL (ALIG)
  7. Arabia Insurance
  8. Arope Insurance
  9. Assurex Insurance and Reinsurance S.A.L
  10. BERYTUS Insurance & Reinsurance Co. SAL
  11. Solidarity Mutual Fund
  12. Trust Insurance Company SAL
  13. UFA
  14. United Commercial Assurance SAL (UCA)
  15. Adonis Insurance & Reinsurance Co SAL (ADIR)
  16. Al Mashrek Insurance & Reinsurance sal
  17. Allianz SNA SAL
  18. Amana Insurance Company SAL
  19. Arab Lebanese Insurance Group SAL (ALIG)
  20. BERYTUS Insurance & Reinsurance Co. SAL
  21. Burgan Insurance Company S.A.L
  22. CMEEP
  23. Commercial Insurance
  24. Fidelity insurance and Reinsurance CO. S.A.L.
  25. GROUPMED Insurance
  26. Gulf Insurance Group
  27. La Phenicienne
  28. Order of Engineers and Architects Of Beirut
  29. Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon
  30. Arabia Insurance
  31. Arope Insurance
  32. Assurex Insurance and Reinsurance S.A.L
  33. BERYTUS Insurance & Reinsurance Co. SAL
  34. Burgan Insurance Company S.A.L
  35. CMEEP
  36. Commercial Insurance
  37. Fidelity insurance and Reinsurance CO. S.A.L.
  38. GROUPMED Insurance
  39. Gulf Insurance Group
  40. La Phenicienne
  41. Order of Engineers and Architects Of Beirut
  42. Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon
  43. Securité Assurance
  44. Solidarity Mutual Fund
  45. Trust Insurance Company SAL
  46. UFA
  47. United Commercial Assurance SAL (UCA)
  48. Allianz Egypt
  49. GIG – Arab Misr Insurance Group
  50. Misr Insurance Company
  51. Misr Life Insurance Company
  52. Orient Takaful Insurance Company – Egypt
  53. Royal Insurance Company
  54. Tokio Marine Insurance Company
  55. ENAYA Insurance Company
  56. GHAZAL Insurance Company
  57. Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance – Health & Life
  58. Al Khaleej Takaful Group
  59. General Takaful Co
  60. Majid Al Futtaim
  61. Medgulf Takaful – QFC Branch
  62. Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Co (S.A.Q.)
  63. Qatar Islamic Insurance Company
  64. SEIB Insurance & Reinsurance Co
  65. Takaful International Company – QFC Branch
  67. RMA
  69. GAT Assurances
  70. Vision Insurance
  71. Zurich Insurance Middle East – Oman
  72. Al Alamiya Cooperative Insurance
  73. Al Sagar Cooperative Insurance CO
  74. Allianz Saudi Fransi Cooperative Insurance Co.
  75. Saudi United Cooperative Insurance CO ( Walaa)
  76. Weqaya Takaful Insurance & Reinsurance Co
  77. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
  78. Adamjee Insurance Company Limited
  79. Al Buhairah National Insurance Co.
  80. Lloyd Assurances
  81. Arab Orient Insurance Company
  82. Arabia Insurance
  83. Dhofar Insurance Company (SAOG)
  84. Falcon Insurance
  85. Muscat Life Assurance
  86. Oman Qatar Insurance Co.
  87. Oman United Insurance Co
  88. Takaful Oman Insurance SAOG
  89. The New India Assurance Co. Ltd
  90. Al Dhafra Insurance Co. P.S.C
  91. Al Fujairah National Insurance Co PSC
  92. Al Hilal Takaful Co
  93. Al Ittihad Al Watani GIC
  94. Al Sagr National Insurance Co.
  95. Al Wathba National Insurance Co.
  96. Alliance Insurance Company
  97. Arabia Insurance Company
  98. Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Co
  99. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co. – AMAN



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